🌔 Okay let's see some webs I built: Vic Mirallas was once a flatmate this is true now is famous I'm super glad he is – Alex Dee OMG I played drums with him once upon a time best singer – Karina Pasian okay this is the best singer – Greg Hollis oh Greg I still don't understand how can I know such talented people OMG – Clara Gorrias my love and one of my favourite singers of course <3 – La Horny Section OK I can't understand why aren't they playing with T.O.P. have you listened to them? WTF – Oriol Padrós one of the most talented man I know with true passion for music no doubt – Aitor Saez de Jáuregui so good I got to know this amazing person and percussionist – The Risas was my first website I still cry when I watch it it's not even online I cry – Freak Out! 1000 shows with them I love that part of my life – Sotrack Records is a music studio led by lovely people and worth visiting – and this is some of them but I built many more OK go back