Musician and producer based in Barcelona.

My job as a producer is helping authors to navigate from the demo to the final song, helping out and guiding through such a respectable path 🤲

I produce and mix, –be it my own material or another's–. I believe that every process has its own pace, so I prefer not to work hourly. Calmly is better 🌊 I do have the place and resources to make vocals and acoustic instruments sound high-end good.

I hand in the master song, partnering with a very good friend of mine that finishes up the stem mix, filling the gaps I did not get to. It's the best possible outcome :)

I play some instruments, and what I play best is drums. I am confortable recording basses. I love knowing new musicians, and I do believe collaboration is the best tool we have.

I have a Telecommunications Engineering degree, a Masters in Project Management and some useless titles, like a Business Sustainability Management course and the Project Management Professional (PMP®) titulation.

I live in Barcelona, at the moment. 🥦 Make sure to check my work, 🎙 my podcast, my 🥝 instagram and my 🌞 contact info, as well. Text me, should you need anything –I always text back. Otherwise, try another channel 👀

The Studio

A tiny home studio.

Even though I played drums and related to music since I was 15, I've been officially in the business since 2021, so I am ramping up as fast as I can. I acquire material consciously, putting a lot of thought into it and I study carefully everything I have or believe I need. I squeeze my mics, my plugins and my ears.

I also started studying bass two years ago, and I'm proud to say I recorded some for my productions. I'm also studying mix, which is an infinite world.

To say that I'm a mixer is kind of a venture, since there still is so much to learn and to practice, but despite that, with the help of a friend, we are getting pretty good results. I acquired a pair of Amphions One-18, which have been eye-opening for me, and I believe I will keep for a long, long time.

I dream of recording drums at home, but currently is something that I have to externalize. But we have been getting pretty good results with my AKG C12 replica for most of the vocals. The acoustics of the room are quite controlled, allowing to get nice dry vocal.


Hand by hand we craft your songs with love.


Send me your tracks and let's see how can I help.


I love playing drums. If I am confortable with the show, I'm in!