Pol Cortés – El Color de Cada Casa

  • EP
  • [2022]

The making of this EP was, above all, having a good time. Pol wanted to mantain a spirit of pleasureness throughout the whole process, and so it was. We recorded drums and basses at Estudis Ground, which is an amazing studio that we love, and we rounded up the recording process by moving the home studio to his grandad's, in a little town close to Lleida, where we recorded the vocals. The production process was shared along with Albert Carrillo, a good friend of both Pol and me that brought ideas and played multiple instruments.

The EP presents itself with a casual narration of cotidian things. Pol wanted to gently highlight and honor the details of life that go by without noticing, all embedded into a soft and pleasant listening experience.

  • Production kickoff:March 2021
  • Release date:March 2022
  • Art:Clara Borràs


  • Songwriting and Lyrics: Pol Cortés
  • Producers: Andreu Marquès, Albert Carrillo
  • Mix: Andreu Marquès
  • Master: Oriol Padrós


  • Guitars: Pol Cortés, Oriol Padrós (3)
  • Vocals: Pol Cortés, Clara Gorrias
  • Drums: Andreu Marquès
  • Bass: Rai Benet, Andreu Marquès (4)
  • Keys: Albert Carrillo
  • Horns: Horny Section