Tacho – Sepia

  • Album
  • [2023]

This album embraces the crazyness that lives inside Sergi –Tacho–. The album narrates a transformation from the ego to the animal, and so does the music. The It starts raging, shouting, filling everything with density and darkness. I must say, for me there is no pleasantness on the first songs. My body is tense, my brain does not find a place to rest, not a single second. But there it comes, the transformation and, in the end of the album, there is tenderness, softness and light. I am very, very glad to have accomplished such a powerful and intimate sound within the same album, always with Sergi's talent and the help of my good friend Uri. As we say, this album may like you or not, but it will not leave you indifferent. Enjoy. And go see the live, it's amazing.

  • Production kickoff:December 2021
  • Release date:March 2023
  • Management:El Ventilador Music
  • Art:Siempredeluto
  • Studio:El Tercero Studios, my own


  • Songwriting and Lyrics: Sergi Aragó
  • Producers: Andreu Marquès, Dani HDZ, Lowis (6)
  • Mix: Andreu Marquès, Oriol Padrós
  • Master: Oriol Padrós


  • Vocals: Sergi Aragó, Juan Pablo Vega (10), Las Migas (2), Rita Payés (6)
  • Drums: Guillemao, Andreu Marquès
  • Percussion: Guillemao, Ori Martínez, Chucho Canela
  • Bass: Juan Finger, Jaume Àvila, Andreu Marquès, Lowis
  • Pianos: Kevin Díaz
  • Guitars: Frede Covannini, Unai Eizaguirre, Dani HDZ, Sergi Aragó, Andreu Marquès
  • Trombone: Sergi Aragó
  • Trumpet: Gregori Hollis
  • Sax: Aitor Franch, Carlos Avatar
  • Background Vocals: Clara Gorrias, Andreu Marquès