The Risas – Cucurelles

  • Album
  • [2016]

The Risas was my first band, and this was its second album. We started being a sunday band that lately had extended to 11 musicians onstage. This album was the second that the we would publish, where I had the pleasure to play drums both live and in the studio. With my friends I learned much more than I can imagine of, and as well as my passion for music would grow every thay that I spent with them.

This album was quite an important milestone, since we integrated many ideas into a very curious piece. The whole trip is filled with irony, humor and groove. And we had a very good time on the making of, which is why we were there on the first place.

  • Production kickoff:July 2015
  • Release date:June 2016
  • Art:The Risas
  • Studio:Nación Funk


  • Songwriting and Lyrics: The Risas
  • Producers: Miguelito Superstar, Lalo López
  • Mix: Miguelito Superstar
  • Master: Andreas Schoenrock


  • Vocals: Pol Cortés, Martí González
  • Drums: Andreu Marquès
  • Percussion: Aitor Sáez de Jáuregui
  • Bass: Rai Benet
  • Pianos and Keys: Albert Capilla, Adri González
  • Guitars: Dani HDZ
  • Trombone: Sergi Aragó
  • Trumpet 1: Gregori Hollis
  • Trumpet 2: Klaus Stroink
  • Sax: Aitor Franch
  • Background Vocals: Alex Dee, Cris Brugada, Yasmina Azlor