The Risas – El Millor dels Moments

  • Album
  • [2012]

This was my first serious band's album. This was 2012, and after a few recorded songs and a homemade EP, we decided to record our first full album. The whole was produced by the band, and we recorded the majority of the instrumentation ourselves. The drums and the bass were recorded at Aurha Studios, with Mauri Tonelli. We really a lot our first experience recording in a serious studio.

  • Production kickoff:December 2011
  • Release date:June 2012
  • Art:The Risas
  • Studio:Aurha
  • Management:Gorvijac Music


  • Songwriting and Lyrics: The Risas
  • Producers: The Risas, Saltors
  • Mix: Mauri Tonelli
  • Master: Mauri Tonelli


  • Vocals: Martí González
  • Background Vocals: Pol Cortés, Mar Fayos, Xisca Abraham
  • Bass: Rai Benet
  • Keys: Albert Carrillo
  • Guitars: Dani HDZ
  • Trumpet: Frank Meravi
  • Sax: Ignasi Ruiz, Oriol Cusó (6)
  • Violins: Pol Cortés
  • Drums: Andreu Marquès